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It's time for Black's Tracks! A smart, entertaining spoof of Blue's Clues! Today's program is brought to you by My Keyboard & Mouse.

Carl: Howdy, y'all! It's me! Carl! Y'all know 'round what time it is? *pause* Tha's right! It's time for Black's Tracks! Y'all ready? A'right! Lets go!

*carl walks a little and finds black*

Black: Woof-wo-WOOF!

Carl: Well howdy, there, Black! Reckon it's 'bout time for us to play Black's Tracks!

Black: Wo-woof!

Carl: That's right! *carl turns to viewers* Y'all know what I'll need? My handy-dandy... *pause* SHOTGUN! That's right!

Black: Woof!

Carl: Ready, kids? A'right! Lead the way, Black!

*carl follows black to a bird on the ground*

Bird: Chee-chirp-chirp! Chirp!

Carl: Why, look what we 'ave here, Black! What's that, Bird?

Bird: Chirp-chirp!

Carl: Oh, you fell on outta your nest! Why, shucks... What nest do ya mean? Do you see it, kids? *pause* OH! There it is!

Black: Wo-woof!

Carl: That's right, Black! *carl aims at the nest and shoots it to itty-bitty pieces* There we go! All done! You can eat that there birdy, Black!

Black: Woo-woo! *black feasts*

Carl: So... Now what? *pause* Oh! Black found something! *looks at black* It's... *pause* Yeah! A hoof print! I wonder what Black's trying to show us?

Black: Woof! *runs off, carl follows*

Carl: Well! What's this? What has Black found, now? *pause* That's right! Animal crap! Good boy, Black!

Black: Grrr!

Carl: Oh. You're... A girl? Well, shoot. Okay! Huh?

*black runs off, again. carl follows*

Black: Wo-woof!

Carl: Well... Look at that tree! What's on that tree? *pause* That's right! Scrapes from antlers! Now... What animal craps and has hooves and antlers? *pause* That's right! Bambi!

Black: Woof! *black runs off*

Carl: Black's on his trail, kids! Lets go! *runs, too*

Black: Woof woof.

Carl: What's that? I don't see him. Do you see him, kids? *pause* Ah, to hell with you. I found him, anyway. You kids aren't saving him! *carl shoots at bambi* No sirrrr! Bambi's mine! *carl shoots again*

Bambi: [deer sound here] *bambi charges carl and impales him on razor-sharp antlers*

Carl: Well, kids, that's it for today! But there'll be plenty more Black's Tracks next time! *stab-stab* Agh... I hope!
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