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This here is a song called Gothic Superpowers. It's politically correct and free of all stereotype.

I dress in black
From my vest. Down. To. My slacks
I feel real pains
I'm only happy when it rains

(chorus) I write poems
About my darkest hours
About my tortured soul
My gothic superpowers
I light candles
While I take cold showers
I have a black loofa
My gothic superpowers

No one understands me
They don't care or help
They can't reach me
'Cause I distance myself

Mom says she'll help
Conformist bitch
Dad say's he understands
He's too damn rich
And so am I!


None of you get it
I'm not -whining-
Not throwing a fit
I'm not crying

My parents say they love me
My friends say they care
I know it's all a lie
They ignored me... Once or twice


I paint my face
To help me cower
To hide my smile
My gothic superpower
I hate life's taste
I'm the food life devours
Eaten and beaten
My gothic superpowers
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Oh my f'ing god, I love you. BLACK LOOFA! *is so happy he could cry*
It's like... No one understands... When I take my showers, I'm not just washing the dirt off of me... I'm washing away my sick, pointless life. So naturally, my loofa has to be black. My toothbrush is black for the same reason. (woofa!)
Heeee... that's... just... so funny....
*laughing* Hweee. ^____^ That made my day. A lot.
Whining is part of my soul, y'know? It's the black essenCE at my very CorE. It's like... Why the C looks so much like the E. They are envious of each other, and that's what darkness is. That's what whining is.

Envy. I only envy death, so I am free to whine about whatever I want, so long as it hurts.

Yeah, man...
Yer awesome.