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Hot stuff, man.

I hate those guys who just hang around fourth avenue and hit on girls. GAH. I want to kick them in the face. Who do they think they are?
I mean, they're just standing there, smoking something that usually isn't a cigarette, looking grungy and gross, and being ugly. And then they're like... "How ya doin', beautiful?" Or something
Or that guy in the hallway, as I walked past.
"Hey, what's your name?" I don't answer. "What's your name? What's your name? What's your name?" OH MY GOD. I wanted to give him a KICK IN THE FACE. I just told him he could fuck off before I turned the corner. Then, as I walked by again, going back to class...
"Hey, what's your name? Hey! Hey! My name's (insert name here. I really wasn't listening. o_O). Hey, what's your name? I told you my name."
"Yeah....?" As in.. yeah? I.. don't care! :D
"Go suck a hot dog."
"Uh.. *snicker* Nooo thanks."
"Go smell yerself!"
"Hahahah! Oh man... you're too witty for me!" And then I was out of hearing range. What an idiot. And then today, he was sitting out in the hallway, AGAIN, and I was walking by. I don't know if he notice the first time, but when I was coming back, he was juuuust about to say something. I heard him start to say something, but I guess he didn't when he realized I would just ignore him. o_O It was kinda funny.

And those old lecherous guys!!! Who slow down in cars and stare at you. They're so damn creepy. Eeeew. They're like... *slow down* *peeeeer* O.O *stare*
And it's like.. AHHH! Creeeeeepy old man!

Allright. I'm done now. o_O

By the way, Matt's excluded from this, because his pickup lines are witty and funny. And when he's old, I'll be old too. So he can creep out hoochies walking down the street, and nuns, and...stuff...
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