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This here is a song called Gothic Superpowers. It's politically correct and free of all stereotype.

I dress in black
From my vest. Down. To. My slacks
I feel real pains
I'm only happy when it rains

(chorus) I write poems
About my darkest hours
About my tortured soul
My gothic superpowers
I light candles
While I take cold showers
I have a black loofa
My gothic superpowers

No one understands me
They don't care or help
They can't reach me
'Cause I distance myself

Mom says she'll help
Conformist bitch
Dad say's he understands
He's too damn rich
And so am I!


None of you get it
I'm not -whining-
Not throwing a fit
I'm not crying

My parents say they love me
My friends say they care
I know it's all a lie
They ignored me... Once or twice


I paint my face
To help me cower
To hide my smile
My gothic superpower
I hate life's taste
I'm the food life devours
Eaten and beaten
My gothic superpowers
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